If there’s one thing we  guarantee at Shropshire Kids Festival, that is fun!

You want fun? You're going to get it! 

In fact, we reckon you're going to have more fun than a puppy in the toilet roll factory. And it won't just be any old fun.Check out our 2019 programme for a taste of the fun were going to deliver in 2020!

2019 Programme





There is just too much FUN!

We're gearing ourselves up for some super-extra-massive bonkers fun. The sort of fun which keeps you laughing and smiling for weeks and months afterwards.


You could tackle our battalion of inflatables. The super-size super-springy structures will keep your youngsters bouncing around for hours. And have our very own under-5s area with pint-size castles so that they can have just as much fun as everyone else.

Then find the inflatable helter-skelter to slide down - and down, and down. But don't get so dizzy that you miss the fun at the non-stop party at the disco dome.

We have giant games, mini golf, Go Karts, Bubble Football and the sports day style Harry Games to bring out kids' competitive sides - as well as the famous obstacle courses which will challenge even the most battle-hardened youngsters.

More free activties will include Wipe Out and Zorbing. Zorb balls are going to roll around throughout the festival weekend. Will your kids stay on the giant circular Wipe-Out challenge? Will they leap and avoid the spinning beam? 

If that isn't enough the foam parties are definitely the place to be, split into two areas for the big and small kids!  Hours of good clean fun will be ready and waiting. The mums and dads can relax about any potentially mess because we will have changing areas, so no one will have to go home covered in foam. All you have to bring to enjoy this awesome free activity is a towel.

And of course, tdo not forget our water slides. Everybody knows that one water slide is never enough - so have two. And they are whoppers. The teeny is a mere 25m long while its big brother is a fabulous 50m ride of watery delight.

If you want to get all hands on and creative, then visit the STEAM Tent. There will be all sorts of Science, Arts, Engineering and general making and breaking, with plenty of chances to collaborate with other youngsters and create something truly fantastic to take away.

Food is always a great way for kids to be creative and we're delighted to be joined by Explorers Cookery. They’ll be on hand to oversee Fun with Baking sessions for children 4+ years throughout the whole weekend.