The Harry Johnson Trust

                Our Festival Charity

The Harry Johnson Trust has been set up to remember, honour and treasure the memory of Harry. It is run by members of his family and supported by their wonderful extended family and friends.


Created by Sally and Stephen Johnson  in July 2014 in memory of their son Harry.

The trust offers gestures of support to children with cancer who receive care from the oncology team at The Princess Royal Hospital in Telford through a range of projects.

Harry was diagnosed with Double Hit Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at the end of October 2013. This is a very rare cancer in children and is very aggressive. At the time, Harry was only the third child in the world known to have the disease.
Harry passed away in July 2014, having bravely fought the constant chemotherapy and surgery he met throughout his battle.
Harry faced each new day with a smile and positivity.
His cheery personality and happy attitude to every day of his short life was an inspiration to all who knew him.
The Harry Johnson Trust hope that they can help other children who are diagnosed with cancer and bring a little piece of Harry's energy and hope to them and their family during their own journey with cancer.

The Harry Johnson Trust have several ongoing projects, from providing funky hats for children, gift cards for families to eat at the Princess Royal Hospital Cafe and many others, including:

Harry's Hampers.
These small boxes will be given to families on their first night in Children's Oncology at The Princess Royal Hospital in Telford. This can often be an unexpected, emergency admission following a referral from the family GP.

Perfect Pillows
When a child begins to lose their hair from chemo we will give them a soft fleece pillowcase or blanket, which feels much softer on a delicate bare head than normal pillowcases. All created by volunteers for The Harry Johnson Trust.

Harry's Hugs
They put parents in touch with people who can make a patchwork quilt or memory bear from the favourite clothes of their child if they sadly pass away from cancer. 

Harry Johnsons life was full of joy and we hope you will join us in fulfilling his legacy to bring joy to other children affected by cancer.

The Harry Johnson Trust will be running a number of fun activities over the weekend, so meet the team and get involved. 

Percentages from all other paid activites will be given directly to The Harry Johnson Trust.